A Little About Chris Tomkins

and our history is I have worked for 30 years in professional Thatching.

After learning the basics, I worked with highly professional and experienced local Master Thatchers in the area.

Since then, I have worked in Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and Norfolk, even worked abroad in France, Denmark, Jersey and USA.

After working with many different Master Thatchers in so many different areas, I have gained extensive knowledge in many different methods and styles of thatching; and using all sorts of different thatching materials including Water Reed, Combed Wheat Reed, Long Straw, Veldt Grass, Sedge, even Wood Shavings.

I was a member of The Kent, Surrey, and Sussex Master Thatchers Association, and am now a member of The National Society of Master Thatchers.

I employ a small team of thatchers (who are also members of The National Society of Master Thatchers in their own right). I can therefore provide a thatcher to you the same day if necessary but still have thatchers on site with the job in progress.

So once your roof has been started, you can be sure that there will be thatchers there every day until it is finished.

With a fully experienced team, together with comprehensive knowledge, we can carry out any type of thatching to the highest standards, using any material, in any local area to suit the requirements of our clients.

Chris Tomkins Master Thatcher – For all your thatching needs, please contact me.

Telephone: 01243 863943
Mobile: 07967 587368
Email: tomkinsthatcher@aol.com